Whether you’re buying your first brand new Vajda boat or you have a new one every year, here’s a handy guide on what happens when you order a boat from Hydra Sports

Step 1: Finding the perfect boat.

There’s a few choices to make on the model of boat you decide on.
What features of the design are important to you? Straight-line speed, stability, ability to dip the tail etc.
What weight are you? Boat sizes are based on your weight in Kg.
What spec boat do you need? Depending on what level you are at, there are different constructions of Vajda boats which vary in strength and price. Speak to Steve about what spec is best for you.
Speak to club members, coaches and Steve about which model and size of Vajda canoe or kayak will best suit your paddling style and weight range. Then demo as many different boats as you can, either at races or arrange to borrow our demo boats for some testing.

Step 2: Ordering.

When you’ve decided on your perfect Vajda boat the hard work begins….the design! Choose your colours and use our order form to draw your design.
Decide if you want any extras with your new boat – boat bags and socks give protection to the boat while travelling.
We will need a 50% deposit on placing the order. Then Steve will digitally redraw the image and send the details to the production team at Vajda.

Step 3: Manufacture.

Skilled technicians at Vajda make each boat by hand. They add the design into the mould and never spray designs onto boats as some other manufacturers do. This means the design won’t rub off.

Step 4: Shipping.

Approximately 6 weeks after placing your order, the boats are shipped from Vajda in Slovakia to Hydra Sports in the UK. They online drugstore australia usually take 5-7 days to arrive.

Step 5: Finishing touches.

Once your boat has arrived and been unpacked, Steve will contact you about getting it ready for you to paddle. Some people like to fit out boats themselves; the majority prefer to get Steve to fit the seat and footrests or C1 fittings.
We provide a graphics service where we can logo up your boat with durable vinyl graphics*. This is ideal for club and sponsors logos or personal touches e.g. names.

Step 6: Delivery/Collection

You can arrange to come to Stafford to collect your new boat from us, during the slalom season we may be able to arrange to deliver your boat to a race. We can deliver the boat to you for an extra charge. Payment of the final 50% is due on collection of the boat.

Step 7: Enjoy your paddling.

Get your boat on the water and enjoy it!
Don’t worry if you scratch or damage your boat, we offer a repair service and will colour match repairs if needed.
Wear and tear happens; if you need a new seam on the nose or tail, especially if you paddle on artificial courses then contact Steve. If you need a boat to use while yours is being fixed we can usually arrange a loan of a demo boat so you won’t miss out on any paddling.

Step 8: Selling an old boat?

Buying a new canoe or kayak is a big investment. Vajda boats hold their value far better than any competitors.
We get lots of enquiries about ex demo or second hand boats so if you have a Vajda boat to sell then let our team know or post details of it on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/hydrasportsuk

*a design charge may apply for vinyl graphics