HiKO Jackpot K1 Topdeck SS

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This extremely light long sleeve combo primarily designed for canoe slalom paddlers. Combining the famous Zephyr cag with the C-FLEX spraydeck providing you with the option to combine it with the jackpot BA so create an all in one design.

The Zephyr is made out of a carboflex with cellulose base. The inner layer has a special coating that allows the material to slide smoothly on to bare skin & under thermals. Neoprene cuffs and collar are constructed from thin and flexible Neopspan for more comfort.

Jackpot allows you to cut your lines even finer with the minimum distance between you and the polos, The Jackpot contains a pock in the front of the spray deck allowing you to insert the deck foam contacted to the Jackpot BA.

The jackpot can be worn with a standard BA over the top.