HiKO K1 Jackpot Chinook Combo Topdeck


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This K1 jackpot combo topdeck is perfectly designed for training in cold weather, with its combination of the Chinook paddling cag and K-Flex spraydeck.

The Chinook is extremely comfortable & waterproof best suited for low-temperature waters. It is carefully designed so it does not restrain movement in use. Using various types of layering underneath the cag you can optimize your protection in a wide range of conditions – from slightly chilly to freezing temperatures. It has higher elastic neoprene neck collar as well as wrist cuffs. The seam between the spraydeck and the cag is taped for absolute water-tightness of the system. Unlike having two separate pieces (spraydeck and cag) the combo reduces the amount of material around your waist offering more comfort and easier movement.