U Canoe Unleashed A4 Activity Cards and A5 Waterproof Activity Cards (with lanyard)



Includes 1 x A4 Unleashed Activity Cards and 1 x A5 Waterproof Activity Cards (with lanyard) that can be taken out on the water

U Canoe Unleashed aims to provide a fun, informal participant led experience of Canoeing for those aged 14-25 years old. Participants will have the opportunity to try out a range of activities which will develop their canoeing skills without having a structured coaching session.

The resource cards include a variety of fun filled activities that are proven by British Canoeing to get more participants out on the water, more regularly. Activities include ‘It Ball’, ‘3 Touch Challenge’, ‘Power Stroke’ and ‘Obstacle Course’ that Activators can use to get participants socialising and having adventures on the water.

Following the purchase of these resources, your nearest Canoe Development Officer will be able to deliver brief training on U Canoe Unleashed and support your delivery further, including helping access young people. Activators should be 18+ years old and suitably qualified for the body of water they’re on.

Why do it?

U Canoe is British Canoeing’s offer to young people (14-25 years). U Canoe aims to plug the gap in current provision, encourage new participants to the sport and to continue participating through its resources. The programme offers two different ways to achieve this, U Canoe Wired and U Canoe Unleashed.

U Canoe Unleashed is the perfect first step to getting on the water and becoming a regular paddler. Created with the help of young people, it will provide participants with a positive experience of canoeing in a relaxed and informal environment, whilst learning through play and developing technique. Participants can decide on their own outcome of the sessions and will be encouraged by the Activators running the session to progress onto the most suitable canoeing step.

It is young people focused and fueled by social media outlets including Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

The journey

U Canoe Unleashed can help participants gain confidence as they decide their journey. Although it can follow Wired (indoor) sessions taken place at their School, College, University or community group, participants can have direct entry into Unleashed. After a series of sessions (number dependant on delivery centre) participants should have a good understanding of canoeing and will be provided with a range of exit routes to progress their skills and become a ‘paddler for life’.

Benefits of U Canoe Unleashed for the delivery centre

–       Increase the footfall of young people using delivery centre
–       Create new links and strengthen existing links with local partners
–       Increase membership
–       Enhance your current offer at your club/centre
–       Access help and support from engagement officers (including funding bids)

Benefits of U Canoe Unleashed for participants

–       Fun and informal introduction to canoeing
–       Participants decide their own outcomes
–       Variety of exit routes
–       Challenges and rewards available
–       Range of activities to suit their needs


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